Good news and bad news post itSo, a bit of an update here for you! Let’s start with the bad news (which isn’t really all that bad anyway)…
I’ve hat A LOT of readers contact me lately asking about a release date for my book, Moment Of Impact. The release has been pushed back indefinitely into some time in 2015 (I hope).
Allow me to explain…this is a REALLY research heavy book given the fact that main character was in a coma and bedridden for so long. So there’s that. Then, in a strange twist of fate two different people on the periphery of my life have recently been in, and come out of comas. I only want to deliver you guys the best, and I think this project will be stronger if I consult with these individuals, as well as their caregivers about their experiences. BUT, I’m not comfortable doing that until they are fully recovered. That is, and should remain their priority.
And so that’s why I need to push the date back. I hate disappointing readers but when it does release I hope you think it was worth the wait. THANK YOU all for the ongoing support!!
So…my next release will be Calder Fox’s story in Collateral Damage (Limelight #3), and will likely be sometime in January…probably. LOL
If you want to add that onto your Goodreads TBR shelf you can do so HERE!


As you may or may not know, NYT Bestselling Author, Brenda Novak,¬†organizes an online auction every spring and donates all the money raised to Diabetes Research. This year she’s taking a well deserved break from running the auction and instead is organizing the release of three themed box sets—>each one with NEW stories from your favorite authors.
I am beyond thrilled and excited to tell you that she has asked to write a NEW story to be as part of the Erotica box set, which will be titled, Sweet Seduction! Yay!
If you’ve read my Indiscretion series you may remember Chloe’s best friend and wild child, Jackie. I’ll be writing Jackie’s story of how she met and fell for her husband and it will be included in the box set!!!
I am SUPER excited to delve back into the Indiscretion world because I desperately miss those characters, and I’m ecstatic to help support such a great cause. Not to mention the fact that I’ll be in the set with a bunch of other authors that I have nothing but respect and fan-girl tendencies toward. LOL
I’ve got TWO MORE pieces of good news, but I can’t announce those today. Stay tuned….
Love you all!