Moment of Impact

They told me the driver of the semi had been drinking when he barreled into my car at sixty miles an hour, leaving only a mass of twisted and gnarled metal in its wake. It’d been a beautiful July day. I remembered that. One of those days when you left the house in the morning and felt in your bones that it was going to be a wonderful day.
 I hadn’t known anything was wrong until seconds before impact when I saw my friend’s face twist in horror where she sat next to me.
 I couldn’t have predicted that by day’s end, my loving husband and precocious two-year-old daughter would effectively be left a widow and a motherless child.
 Who knew when fate was going to step up and show just what a cruel and sick bitch she could be?
 I didn’t know then but I now I do. Because six years later when I woke up from a coma, my husband had a new wife to love and my daughter had a new mommy.
 My name is Annie, and this is my story…