I’m so excited to celebrate the release of INDISCRETION: VOLUME 3! If you haven’t started this serial yet, now is a great time to catch up! The final volume goes LIVE on September 15th!


About INDISCRETION: Volume Three

A summer of f*ck buddies? Something to take the edge off? I was down.

But when Chloe shows up at my hotel door, wanting to rip my head off, rather than give me head—I cared. A lot. Too much, in fact.

This is turning into more. And I can’t do more.

Like the ink under my skin she’s becoming permanent. Enduring. Immovable.

Was I ready to let her go though?

Not a f*cking chance.

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Indiscretion: Volume Four releases September 15th


He pulled away and cupped my face in his hands. “You look phenomenal tonight. Perfection, really.”

My chest warmed at his words, and I smiled. “You clean up pretty well yourself.”

Max leaned forward and we stood there for a moment not speaking, with just our foreheads touching. His thumb rubbed my cheek. “How am I going to get through an entire night not being able to touch you?”

“I feel the same,” I said, feeling dreamy and frustrated at the same time. “But we have to.”

Max’s hand swept over top of my breast, causing a shiver to run from my core up to my chest. His lips trailed open-mouthed kisses along my neck and collarbone.

“I have an idea,” I said, playing with the waistband on his pants.


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